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Matrix SoColor Beauty Extra Coverage Color 3oz (508N/508.0) aka Grey't Naturals - Listing Ends 02/10/2018 7:36:08 PM

Matrix SoColor Beauty Extra Coverage Color 3oz (508N/508.0) aka Grey
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  1. Brand: Matrix
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Matrix SoColor Beauty Extra Coverage Color 3.1oz (508N/508.0 Light Blonde Neutral) aka Grey't Naturals Light Blonde Neutral is formulated using Patented ColorGrip Dye Technology that provides long lasting, rich, vibrant color with exceptional grey coverage. It also offers fresh new fragrance. The color delivers clarity and provides excellent gray coverage. It also includes strengthening Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex containing natural Jojoba Oil, Polymers and Ceramide, which nourish hair, delivering noticeable smoothness, softness and shine. These color tubes are imported from Europe and come in European packaging. The European Extra Coverage, as it appears on the package, matches US Grey't Naturals Series listed after "aka" which is an abbreviation for Also Known As. They contain the same color as US counterpart by number. New Trend Beauty supplies salons across the country and no difference in color, consistency, or feeling on scalp has been noticed by professionals or customers.

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